Not in my BACKYard (Where is Agent X when you need him?)

So typical for all those who just care so much.  When voting to place three venues to house 400.

As we all know by now, we just all love God’s people so much as long as we keep them out of homes, our communities and our churches.

3 thoughts on “Not in my BACKYard (Where is Agent X when you need him?)

  1. Please don’t take this the wrong way…

    I actually do care whether the city of Irvine helps the homeless or runs them off. I think the city should play a role.

    But my real mission is to the church. Where is the CHURCH??? Why is the church hiding behind the city planners.

    I recall when I was a college freshman, I had to give a speech in the 101 class. I thought I would speak about Christian martyrs. I looked for a modern martyr in America and found one in California. Pastor Baker. He was sitting in his study one day working on his homily when there was a knock at the door. A homeless man seeking a handout. He shewed the man away, as was deemed appropriate, but when he went back to his homily preparations, he kept being troubled by the encounter. Finally, he jumped in his car and went searching for the man.

    He never found that man, but soon he began hosting homeless on his church property. Tents went up. People crashed in the sanctuary etc etc etc… He lost a few parishioners, but it was the city he had real trouble with. He was breaking city ordinances.

    Undeterred, Pastor Baker went to jail.

    A Christian pastor in America went to jail as a matter of following Jesus!

    Later I heard about Shane Claiborne who has gone to jail many, many times as he supports the homeless all over the nation.

    This is a church taking the lead. This is a church confronting the culture with the Gospel of Jesus. Well, at least it is a couple of pastors doing it.

    Oh, and it is entirely biblical. I can show you book, chapter and verse all over the New Testament where this is the kind of thing the church does. But precious few are the headlines in American newspapers. Precious few are the headlines in church bulletins. Precious few are the Christian best seller books.

    May the CHURCH take her place at the tip of the spear! The city should be hiding behind the church instead of the church hiding behind the city. In fact, I did not see hide nor hair of the church in this story at all…


  2. We need the church to take the lead in protesting police shooting innocent blacks, to stand against hate towards Muslims or Homosexuals, or aliens, but to show God’s love to them in addition to the homeless. Love your point, just saddened by all the failings of the organized church.


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