Out of the Pews and From behind the Pulpit

Effective influence by Christians to the world does not emanate from either within the pews or from behind the pulpit. Those areas or zones are not areas of action but of comfort and times of rebuilding.

The very least they are would be for examples to the world of unbelievers.

I posit that our greatest role as Christians is not one of worship, but in fulfilling the great commission given to us by Jesus. And if I am correct that the church congregation is for believers and not unbelievers it would follow our battlefields should be OUT OF CHURCH and among the world giving our testimony.

And for those of us who suck at words, more power to us who demonstrate by example.  My point is that we should out and about those of whom we claim God loves.  And if God loves them why on earth are we inside an air conditioned church and not among His children?

The same is true for the preacher.  The preacher needs not to preach to the believers for they are believers.  It is the unbelievers that have need of a preacher.

For the need of resources? Here in the body of the church we have some of the brightest, richest, most loving people on earth yet all they want to do is sit down, worship and be preached to.

No, this is NOT Joel and there is really no lack of knowledge, but lack of leadership.

And this call to action is for the benefit of Christ, His church and in fulfilling His Great Commission. In a word, there is only one way to complete the task of this commission.

And that is to climb out from within the pews and from behind the pulpits and openly engage the world with the wonderful news of the Gospel and to live by example as the Christian witness and that we should all be as a part of the whole who are doing the same as one unified church.  Amen

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