It’s All Relative (No, it’s NOT !)

To hear some people speak today there is no such thing as right or wrong.  We should all be free to say or do what we desire, some people argue.

Morals are ALL relative, some say.  And as Christians, we should be saying, that it’s not.

Alice Cooper, A professed Christian recently said, many fail to understand how one might be a Rock Star and still be a Christian.  Actually, he never explains HOW, but yes, I do wonder.

His more advanced gig is with a reprise of Jesus Christ Superstar

And when it comes to murder and abortion and divorce and sexuality and hate and envy and unforgiveness and others, no, it is certainly NOT all relative.

If someone drunk runs over your son or daughter is that RELATIVE?  Are you willing to say that it doesn’t matter for it is all GOOD in the end?

Of course, NOT.

It is not relative and yes, it does matter and it certainly matters to GOD and it matters to GOD not for Him, but for our own good.

Some push the envelope further saying it matters not who is elected president or any other government position or that war or disease or hunger or pestilence is someone else’s problem whereas too, the poor will always be there.

And just because it is there do not mean it is good.  Cancer will always be here too, but I don’t wish that on anyone and no, it is not relative.  It is specific and more specific if it applies to YOU.

So then, when it comes to Jesus to His Father, God Almighty the angels the heavens and you and me: we ALL matter and it is not relative when we suffer and agonize over things which others believe are not important. Most important, if they are holding all the cards and looking down at us when we are in pain—No no and hell no, it is not relative.  It is true, it is important, germane and specific.


3 thoughts on “It’s All Relative (No, it’s NOT !)

  1. I just finished studying the book of Judges and those last few chapters—in all their shocking gore—reveal what happens when everyone does what is right in their own eyes. It’s just a whole lot of awful. Relativity is SO dangerous and I believe that’s one of the reasons why those accounts are preserved for us.

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  2. Amen! Moral relativism goes hand-in-hand with the “well it doesn’t really matter what church you go to or even what God you believe in because a loving God would let everyone in heaven anyway” worldview

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