Jesus was the Lowest of the Lows

Isn’t that terrible?  Jesus was the lowest of the lows and He wants you to be low too.  In this way, Christians should be really a nobody.  We’re to give up fame or fortune and in order to be GREAT, we are to be the least.

Imagine, a lowly man, the Son of the Living God crucified as a common criminal on a cross that was to be used many times for other criminals.  Jesus was so insignificant the Romans really didn’t want to bother to kill him, that’s how little they really saw him as.

In still another way: the least of these….Jesus was a living example of the least of them and thus, was the GREATEST man ever on earth!

So here we are not talking about fame or fortune.  Jesus is NOT telling you how to be successful.  He is NOT explaining how to win friends and influence people.  He is teaching you how to die.

And he is saying that by dying we are to live.  He explains that by giving up our life we will gain it forever.

We are to give up all, follow HIM and be reduced as he was to a new low.  We are to be servant to all and to be low.  Now then, how many of today’s preachers really teach this?  This is not exactly the type of come-on that new coverts would really want to join up on.  And who would blame them?  Who really wants to be a dweeb…a useless twerp…one that is the lowest of the lows?


2 thoughts on “Jesus was the Lowest of the Lows

  1. So true. God is just so counter culture. God is crazy. In a good way lol. But yeah, in His book, to live is to die to self. To be greatest in the kingdom, is to be least here on earth. To be first, you must be willing to be last. To be exalted, you must be humbled. It’s all heart issues that He wants to deal with. He rids us of the poison of pride.

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