Give me 3 minutes a Day & I’ll make you into a Soft boiled Egg

If you were to believe all the Self-Help books available today, you’ll believe you are either too fat, too tall, too short, too dark, too light, too dumb, too out of shape, wrong hair color, wrong eye color, or any other shortcoming one can come up with.

The part that really gets me about this is that Americans really buy into this nonsense.  I mean, by the vast tally of climbing book sales, it’s obvious they believe them. (Even Christians have their books for self-improvement)

What is going on where we’ve been reduced to the point where we have a need to come across as perfect?

Certainly, just as I have, we’ve seen celebrities in photos without makeup.  In many cases, we are unable to even identify them—that’s how different they are without their makeup.

My greatest concern is on the images we project that have nothing to do with physical attributes, but with our character.

Society is so shallow most politicians have people assigned to them in Public Relations and Communication.  Anyone knows these people are highly skilled in nothing more than double-talk.  Their sole job is to protect their client by NOT speaking the truth unless it is favorable toward their client.

This should not be a characteristic of a Christian.  A Christian’s word should be suffice unto itself without some politically-correct double-speak.  Unlike the world, we should project and speak the truth.

Any short-comings we have should be presented to our Lord and aside from that, we should celebrate for who we are as God made us all. There is no real need for a do-it-yourself kit to make us any better.  There is no need. Our great creator who designed us knew what He was doing and why we were put together the way that we were.  Any rebuilding or repair needs to be performed by Him and Him alone.  Thus, any seven minutes a day should be given to God daily & forever to rebuilt our common good as Children of God


2 thoughts on “Give me 3 minutes a Day & I’ll make you into a Soft boiled Egg

  1. One of the things I think makes Donald Trump popular is that he does not come across as phony and made-up. I suspect that infuriates his opponents, because they refuse to see why people would rather trust a flawed Trump than a phony Trump.

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