Thank God we have a willing Enemy

For those of us who enjoy blaming most of our bad behavior on eternal forces, it is so good and convenient we have the Devil to play the role for our purposes. Really, this guy comes in handy whenever we wish to point to vast folly in human events.

Nowhere do we ever see Jesus do this.  No, not at all. Jesus points to doubt and fear and lack of faith and the desires of our heart.  That is what he indicates as the reference point of sin.

The label of Satan might be bad, but the causes of this evil is a result of man and man’s evil ways.

The nature of man is evil, period.  We can blame Satan all we want, but it comes down to us.  If you think about it:  the one who is to surrender and to yield is us, not Satan.

The wonderful part is that salivation is also for us. The perfection is designed for us as a victory sign and grace is the cause provided by Jesus who died on a cross.

So then, the focus should be on man.  The focus should be to concentrate on changing man as it is man who fell from grace at the Garden of Eden and has the need for a savior.

The accuser is always around and just as Adam and Eve attempted to blame the accuser and each other, the judgment fell on all of them the same.

Our task then is to quit blaming, quit accusing and to affirm the righteousness of our Lord, Jesus the Christ.  And as willing and available as Satan may be to stand in as the Bad Guy, we must reckon only the sin within ourselves and to each other in the formation of Christ’s Church.  The blame game is not part of salvation, only the proclamation and edict of faith to the Son of God. And within Christ who suffered innocently, there was never no such thing as blame.


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