Half & Half (More or less?)

One sleight of hand technique retailers love to use is to purchase a product, double the price and then say it is only a 1/2 markup.  It goes like this:  say they buy an item for $1.00, next they tack on a dollar.  To determine the ‘rate’ of increase they calculate 1.00/2.00 that says it is only a 50% increase.  Any idiot can see that if you take a dollar and double it, it is actually a 100% increase. But so goes the sleight of hand practices of business.

This is not the case of a spirit filled-Christian.  In spite of what some Christian groups say, upon baptism the Christian is filled with the Holy Spirit.  No, they are not say something like ½ half filled.  They are filled.

How filled are they?  I don’t know except to say that they are filled and will continue to be filled as they wax in the spirit. We read this happened also with our Lord Jesus.  He grew in wisdom and wax in the spirit.  Would anyone say at some point that he wasn’t always spirit filled? Of, course, not.

And so too it is the same with the rest of us Christians.  We see as well that Christ’s Church was anointed and since we are part of that body, we became anointed too as part of the identical organism. Sorry, but for those who teach they get anointed over and over again just can’t match this up with the scriptures. We read about it at times in the Old Testament, but not in the new.  There is no need for constant anointing as we ALWAYS have favor with God through Jesus.  This is a commodity not available In ancient days but is one of the gifts presented by Jesus. And yet myths will persist despite the best of facts. However, I would suggest you let no one sell you short on your Christian Spirit.  As the Holy Spirit dwells in you, that is a 100% good thing and is sufficient no matter how ‘filling’ that filling may be.  In this respect there is no half and half, only the entire 100% wholeness of the new you in Jesus Christ.

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