Man’s Programming of Gloom & Doom

Anyone who turns on any news channel is immediately thrust into a world of despair by news generated by our news teams around the world.

While I’m not attempting to paint a rosy picture that all is well, yet the media seems to go out of its way to illustrate every event in its most woeful description.

Climate Change, for example is a topic advanced as if our entire globe were going to disintegrate in the nearby future at the hands of greedy capitalist.  The Population Bomb {1995} by Paul R. Ehrlich is really a redraft of his original book of the 1960s.  In that book we were told how the entire world would be led to starvation within a few short years.  As we all know this did not happen as technological advances in food production were not foreseen.  This seems to be the case often as the doomsayers never consider any alternative to circumstances other than their own.

But here my attention isn’t really about the news.  My attention is on society focusing negative information to a society that integrates that information into a lifestyle.  Thus we have an entire generation that believes in nothing good about their lives, only in the bad.

Somehow many Americans feel degraded and slighted when they enjoy the highest standard of living in the world—EVER.

The real positive news—The GOOD NEWS OF THE GOSPEL is hidden from this upcoming generation as its message is hidden, away from the mainstream crowd.

Churches as a whole no longer proclaim it and the masses refuse to attend to it, but it is ever present nonetheless.

The Good news of the Gospel teaches that where no hope exists with man, all hope lies at the helm of God through His son, Jesus.

Where lack, war and disease is the offshoot of the control of man, a happy, fulfilled life is offered with Jesus.

And in the absence of Jesus, no wonder people are caught up in trepidation; God leads to Hope and Promise.

Yet, man will not turn to God.  Man is content in his Programming of Gloom & Doom.  Where on one hand we are hand fed a copious series of lies, man fails to enter into the realm of TRUTH offered by God through His son, Christ Jesus.  With Jesus there is only the absence of fear and no Gloom or Doom:  His promise is eternal life.


3 thoughts on “Man’s Programming of Gloom & Doom

  1. So true and just as sad is the fact that far to many a pulpit today is all one sided ‘good news’. Yes we need to preach that salvation is through Christ alone by Grace alone, but just as important we need to preach His Lordship, our Servant-ship and Stewardship as well as God’s wrath. The whole “Good News” (counsel of God) just as the “whole news story” or we are deceiving everyone.

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