Don’t Bother Me Now I’m Painting My Fingernails

Americans are obsessively self-indulgent.  We are indulgent with ourselves to the point where we wish others also to be part of our narcissist behavior. Simply examine some of our actions on Facebook or other social media network.

We have notices as such:

I’m drinking my coffee

Watching my favorite tv program

Eating a sandwich

Sitting in the hot tub with my favorite bubble soap

Painting my fingernails

or any other 1/8 inch nauseating move we make

Oh, such smallness with all our obsessions.  What is wrong about this character pattern is that all the internal arrows are pointed inward rather than outward.

As Christians our attention and devotion should be focused on others, not on US ! It’s not that we don’t matter, but that others matter equally or even more.

Tell me.  How can we be effective Christians if our personality is no deeper than a sauce dish?  How are we to serve our Lord if we are all wrapped up with ourselves?

We see this with also with our preoccupation of victimization and victimhood.  How we love the spotlight on our woes and perceived wrongs.  Again, Jesus instructs us to spearhead our efforts on those who have wanting needs, not on our pitiful selves. It comes down to the fact that we really don’t want to be bothered with other people’s problems as we are too into our own.

In fact, most of our problems are by our own doing and wouldn’t even exist if we were outside our own shells.

The moral here is for Christians to wake up and comply into obedience to the Lord’s commands.  We are to love God and to love others as our self.

Any other roadmap is disobedience and sinful for it is a journey that rewards only the desires of self.

Throw the self indulgence away and dedicate our energies on Jesus who points us to the needs of our neighbor.  In the process of losing our self—we gain the blessing of God and His reward of eternity.


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