“When you’re dead, that’s one time in your life when you really need cheering up.”  Amos ‘n Andy

Popular in this country is the adage He’s not dead.  His memory lives on.  And actually the memory part might be true.

One of the first promises God told Adam and Eve was that if they sinned, they would die.  It might be at the time, they didn’t even know what death was, but yes, eventually they sinned and died.

With the Greek philosophy, we inherited the concept of immortality.  Yet, as much as we also teach this the Bible teaches otherwise.  We all know….for the wages of sin is death…and so on.

However, the only group promised eternal life among the dead are those who have been committed to Jesus.  Otherwise we are rather doomed as Ecclesiastes says, for the Dead knoweth Nothing.

Personally, I don’t want to be in that group.  I want to be on that following that awaits the judgment day with Jesus presiding for as Christians, we believe the sacred promise of Jesus to live with him in His Kingdom forever.

Yet, death is a promise certain for those who reject God.  Death in this sense if final.  Everything then is history:  it is over with, etc.

Yet, other than those who are participants of the rapture will be dead at one time or another.

Thank God we can rest on His promise through His son, Jesus.  Salvation then is seen as a wonderful blessing and not something to assume for all.  Rest assure our efforts to preach the great commission should be stepped up and advanced.  The responsibility for the salvation of the world has been placed on us through Jesus, the son of the Living God.  What a choice:  we have the promise of eternal salvation or the final promise of eternal death.  WE should choose Life with Jesus


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