Will a Man Rob God?

Oh, the thunder of some preachers when they get on a high horse and blare out the warnings of Malachi 3:8-18.

Of course, this is completely taken out of context, but it doesn’t stop them from exhorting and demanding money out of you.

Don’t get me wrong here.  I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t pledge and give offerings to the church for the actual work of the church.  I’m speaking of those, mostly tele-evangelists who more often than not do nothing short of extortion for the purpose of lining their own pockets.

Never mind the fact that Paul outlines how we are to give and we’re to give generously, but out of our hearts and not because of any legalistic requirement.

Yet, these other preachers come up with all kinds of reasons you are to give.  And since we now live in a more sophisticated environment and enjoy a higher education than in the past, many no longer insist on tithes, but now urge one to give ‘seed’ money upon the promise of ten or even one-hundred fold return. This, of course doesn’t nothing but play on our desire of greed.

But robbing God.  Imagine that?  They want you to give THEM the money, but they accuse YOU of robbing God.  What a twist and a scheme of double-talk.

What’s really sad here is that many Christians believe that.  They believe in the old system of tithing and ignore the fact that Malachi was referring to the PREISTS and not the general population.  Naturally, facts don’t deter those seeking your money as they benefit from it.  For most, it is their livelihood and nothing more.

I suggest that whatever you give, you give willingly and because you desire to advance the cause of Spreading the Gospel and for no other reason.  This includes not expecting some form of special blessing either for all Christians already have favor with God as we are His Children.  In the end, we should give.  And we should give freely and often.  But we should give without worrying if we are robbing God.  The greater worry should be those attempting to take your money and robbing you.




3 thoughts on “Will a Man Rob God?

  1. I remember flipping on a local channel a while back and stumbling upon a random televangelist program. I was curious to see what he’d say. He was speaking like an auctioneer, creating a sense of urgency in the audience, saying things like “God is telling you to pick up the phone and donate. Hurry, do it now!” Idk that God was the one telling people to donate…


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