The Church Without Walls

Many mainstream churches today are hosted by those with receding or grey hair.  Absent are either teens or young adults who are fresh with a sense of enthusiasm. Of the long term saints, champions of the faith, many are deceased or have moved to a retirement villa away from their home church.

My concept of church goes way beyond any illusion of walls for I see the church not as a building, but as an aggravate, a collective, corporate unity of people. Yet, to further this corporate workforce, I propose the following:

Rationale:  Since the body of church consists of believers who are to primary serve unbelievers, the church should resolve to:


In years past, people came to the church, but in modern day:  socio-economics divides people in accordance with zoning laws.   To effectively reach people who are normally excluded from church, the church should move to selective strip-malls and store-front shopping centers to EXTEND the church to go directly to the people.

These store fronts would be open 24-7, would serve as day centers, places of comfort for the homeless, would evangelize and seek proselytes to enter into God’s kingdom.

I realize this concept would not be popular for armchair Christians.  However, I argue this is necessary and proper in keeping with God’s commandment to serve the least of these. I also maintain it is necessary in order to expand the church and to preserve mainstream churches:  this methodology is a win-win as it serves the church proper as well as enhances the quality of life for God’s people: the brethren. In effect, this is the true church as any true church is a church without walls.


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