All signs indicate they are CLOSED

Envision if you will the idea that God places a LARGE sign up in Heaven that He is closed for the day. Of course, that idea is completely preposterous.  Too, think about a series of states—closed due to inattention or some other neglectful practice. Once again, no one could ever think of such an occurrence.

As anyone can tell you, the only reason a liquor bar closes is due to law, but otherwise, they’d be up and running 24/7

Now back to GOD.

If it makes absolutely no sense that God is never closed, is never out to lunch, then why are our churches mostly always closed? This makes no sense at all.

A homeless person can approach the church and they’d be closed.  A desperate person seeking comfort would be forced to make an appointment for assistance.

No one expects the Holy Spirit to be off for a day and sense we think this is insane it is equally insane that our church doors are closed to those seeking aid.

God is NEVER closed and Christians should never be closed either for we are HIS image bearer.  To this effect, for a Christian, we are never closed:  Instead our sign should always read OPEN FOR BUSINESS===ALWAYS.

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