You are NOT the first Choice

When it comes to people we’d like to think when they choose us over another that we are their first choice.  Now then, for those of us who are over 12 years old, think again.  Think how silly that ideal is.  How is it possible our mates or boyfriends or girlfriends would ever be our first choice as we have been denied or have denied multiple times over again and again.  In particular this is true if we have divorced and remarried and some many times over.

Yes, it would be good—very nice indeed to be first choice: selected as number one among all the rest in the world but the truth is:  we are not even number one with God.

As Christians we are the Bastard Child, the adopted child.  Perhaps this makes us a close second, but it doesn’t by any means make us number one.

The first choice was the Jews:  but with the rejection of Jesus by the Jews, we were ushered into God’s selection by default as the gentiles, respectively.

In this case, we are lucky we are the alternate choice as God showed mercy on us as willing servants of adoration. Thus, being first choice is not what we make it out to be at times.  Thank God for whatever reason we were chosen as His children and possess the opportunity to enter into His Kingdom.  Thank God being second choice can be better than any other choice when second is the greatest of them all.



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