Perversion is a Choice

Unlike what we have been taught and often think, more or less, we have control over our thoughts to some extent.  When it comes to the desire of perversion, we often think of people with brain tumors or some other unexplained mental illness or the like. We don’t generally assign the attributes of someone given to perversion as one exercising free will.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

While this might be a dark side of man, it is nonetheless an extremely pronounced feature and one generally performed either under the cloak of darkness, or under the iron hand of a tyrannical despot. Even kings in the OT days thought they were not capable of many misdeeds when foretold by the ancient prophets, but alas:  they fell victim nonetheless with horrid savagery.

Yes, as people, left unchecked are capable of giving way to almost any type of perverted behavior: able to inflict untold sorrow to anyone caught within their grips.

Paul teaches us that all of these lures, these temptations are nothing except those which are common to man.  In other words, these things are normal day-to-day desires of which we can yield to or defeat.

We have all types of perversions and most are not normally even listed under psychological paradigms.

The greatest of these lies under sexual perversions. Perversions of incest, homosexuality, sexual mutilation, sexual sadism, death, mind and body control.

At the extreme end we have situations such as we witnessed under Nazi Germany: racism was taken to the extreme in the extermination of multiple ethnicities. There and under many other regimes around the world we see people with power hacking others to death with machetes, sexual trafficking, body mutilations of all types; raping and pillaging  meanness that is undefined in human terms.

Yet, this not an anomaly.  This is not only normal for man, but completely performed only under the duress of choice.

As Christians our choice is only to surrender and to surrender our soul and thoughts completely to Jesus and to abide under His direction. A sad mistake is for a Christian, in particular—a Christian leader to think he is ABOVE doing anything involving perversion.  And while this mistake appears its ugly ahead all around us with examples of wayward priests and preachers fathering bastard children, we nonetheless fail to address the issues that cause it.

The cause is the lusts of our own desires and capitulating to our desires. The answer to this is simple enough:  Go to God through Jesus and submit our will to His.  And as simple as it is, most will fail as they will refuse to admit that we can do nothing without Him.  Truly, our freedom to sin should be subjected to the stopping power of Jesus’ love.  And only in that way do we reflect a true choice to do what is good through the power and love of our creator in heaven.  Our choice should be His choice and His choice is never that


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