What do we bring to People?

What type of Christians are we?  Do we bring scorn and wrath and gloom and doom to people?  Are we the negative, judgmental types  who casts dour and bitterness or hopelessness?

Are we the type that rails and brags or silent and revengeful?  Are we the gentle ones who approach those who are in distress or do we simply keep to ourselves?

Perhaps we are those mystery people: those saints who go around providing Random Acts of Kindness.  Perhaps our inherent nature is the type that simply loves to bless others for: truly what could be better than to bring people a small token of joy?

For those who are down, those who are broken and destitute and lame and poor and homeless and sick and in despair:  our approach should be in bringing offerings of joy.

With Jesus there was nothing random about His kindness at all.  He was all kindness and it was deliberate.

Insomuch we are to be like Him, we should also be kind and deliberate.  Our acts of kindness should be continuous, perpetual.

This might lead to us simply offering out our hand.  It might be that we buy someone a cola or a cold bottle of water, or offer a burger or a candy snack, or bus fare or any other number of things that would provide joy to the receiver.  Truly, these are nothing more than small tokens but provide mountains of joy to the receiver.

In performing our work to others we should ask about ourselves constantly for we should desire to be known as a giver and not as merely a spectator.  And in giving , our giving should come from our heart for Jesus too and His angels would also count all that we do in His name as Joy.  Ask yourself:  are you doing your part?  If not, want you please begin and in the process you will bring joy to us all.


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