Little Man, little Woman what you do is IMPORTANT!

For those of you who think your words, blogs, efforts, prophecies are to no effect and unimportant: nothing could be further from the truth.  What you do is important!

Some think they are so small relative to others and their contributions that they berate themselves, feeling useless and void. I don’t believe for a moment Christ would ever agree to that.

Man, woman:  you are NOT that little either for there is POWER in your words and deeds.

And for those of us who believe in the Butterfly or Ripple Effect, we know how one small ripple can change the course of the entire world.

Think about it for a moment.  Many of you provide words of encouragement and wisdom.  You bring joy to others about messages from our Lord, Jesus and about Jesus.

Thus, don’t judge yourself by the standards of the world that would insist on vast numbers of popularity.  Understand that the quality of your message is what is important and that messages from God cannot be matched.

And while you are against a population of billions, your job is the same as mine and that is to bring the message, the truth of the gospel to all that we can.  None are unimportant.

And I know that some are ticked off at you because of what you say.  Some dislike you because of that: but you persist anyway because you know a higher truth is at work here.

If the ‘better’ preachers were effective, no one would be reading us at all, so therein, the proof there is a need.

In other words:  keep at it.  Keep hammering away with your message knowing that what you say has consequences; consequences that at times are life or death to the receiver.  Yes, hardly unimportant, for what you say can elevate a person out of the throngs of misery. Even more important, for most of you, you are pointers:  you point to life eternal through God’s son, Jesus.  Nothing could be more important that pointing to the pathway that leads to eternal life.  And for that and a whole lot more reasons I didn’t even say, you are the most important gift of all.  Thank you for what you do.

11 thoughts on “Little Man, little Woman what you do is IMPORTANT!

  1. Reblogged this on Church Set Free and commented:
    TF Thompson wrote some words which resonated like a tuning fork on a grand piano. The vibes reached deep down inside me to that small still space not of this earth.

    And then BOOMED with joy.

    A boom so big it was a sonic boom – a powerful boom – a boom that shredded many doubts and insecurities.

    How did Tom do all that through a few words on a screen … from a zillion miles away … in another country … of another place … of another time-zone … ?

    Read his short piece and see what it does to your spiritual insides!!


    (comments here are closed, please add any thoughts – and big booms – under Tom’s words, thank you)

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  2. I feel like you are writing just for me. (is that paranoid?)

    Thanx for the encouraging word!

    Let me say this: I hear you.

    Let me also say this: When God takes out giants, he uses little shepherd boys… It is a standard feature of his mode of operation. This is a feature I fully get, hard to sit with, but I get it. Thus there is value in being small, humble, unexpected…. These things don’t make God beholding to us, but despite not being sufficient in and of themselves, they are necessary for representing God in the fray.

    I think St Paul has this idea in mind when he tells the Philippian church to be of one mind, spirit, and in full unity because it is a sign of DESTRUCTION to their opponents and of salvation to them. The oneness they share, if they achieve it, is the deadly accurate aim of that shepherd boy’s stone in that sling shot.

    I work at keeping myself humble. This is in part why I don’t use my name. It is in part why I sleep by dumpsters sometimes as part of ministry to the poor. It is in part why I have been known to skip a shower for 3 days before joining my white, middle-class friends for worship.

    Still, the thoughts you express here are important. Needed. Encouraging. Thank you.


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  3. Very true. But here comes the annoying ‘but’: While each and every one of us has been granted by God, the ability to guide the world towards Him as His messengers. We must also remember that the world doesn’t want to go that way and in fact seems to enjoy nothing more than deceiving us by telling us that we’re making a difference and moving the world towards God when in reality, we’re spinning our wheels.

    When in doubt, act out. When not in doubt, doubt.


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