The ‘Job’ of America

Look at the good and righteous America who loves so much the Lord.  And of course, just like with Job it can be said that America loves the Lord for He has produced a protective wall or fence around it.

At least for the past 200 years, America was protected by the vast expanse of sea that kept huge armies away from it.  Too, it could be said that America prospered because of democracy, freedom—the fact that America contained the higher moral ground.

For all intensive purposes this was the ‘righteousness’ Woodrow Wilson proclaimed with his 14 points and League of Nations.

Yet, after another great war, the war of WWII, we see where thereafter, Satan struck His hand on that once great God Fearing Nation of America.

The long and the short of it:  did we make out as good as Job?

Personally, I think some American’s did and are still holding out.

For others, I believe they have cursed God and now are waiting to die.

For all practical purposes, the Jobs of America have had it so good that even without being struck by the pestilent hand of Satan, nonetheless, they deserted God.

For many of them:  they proclaim:  THERE IS NO GOD

They don’t acknowledge Job or Satan or God.  None of them for they are in it for themselves and themselves only.  Nothing else exists to them.

Those who are left are here and as instructors of people and of God.  They say or at least think they know more than God and thus, part with His ways.

And this is the mainstay of American’s Job.  We are away and distant and adamant and absence from a God who at least once saw us as good.  And in the timeliness of correction, we faltered and escaped away from the hedge, from the fence and into the open that lies underground in the ignorance away from God.

This is the Westerner Job of America.  This is a Job who is ungrateful, one who has forgotten all that once was held great.  And the greatness of Job is that He relied on His relationship with God in all His humility.  None of that today exists among the majority of America’s Job today.

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