Fortune Tellers, Lie Detectors Lie

As good as science can be, we still have no mechanism in place that can denote a liar.  Surely, we have the polygraph, voice-stress analysis and theories imbued with psycho-linguistics, but even these powerful tools are flawed, filled with impure blemishes.  Too often they’ll reveal a false positive and thus, the certainty is absent in the results.

The same is true with the vagueness of fortune tellers which are strictly forbidden in the bible. Fortune telling is nothing more than ascertaining a falsehood with a pretense of knowledge.  There is nothing to it no matter how much we’d like to believe.

This is somewhat along the lines of faith healers.  There is no such mention of faith healers in the bible, but they abound all around us today in our churches.

What we are left with then is what the Bible does refer to as discernment.  And in this case, whereas we are more or less flawed when it comes to discerning the manner of men, we are to focus our discernment, our attention to the matters and manner of God.

In this way, our energy and attentions are NOT placed on men, but on the Almighty.  He should always be at the center of our attention through the Lordship of His son, Jesus the Christ.

And so with our belief system rooted in Jesus, we are not subject to the fallacies of either Fortune Tellers or Lie Detectors.  As Christians we have but one nexus and that juncture centers at the apex on the cross:  the theme is Jesus with His complete gift of GRACE.  And with His gift of salvation through Grace, we have no need to discern truth except that proclaimed by God Himself and without that of man.


6 thoughts on “Fortune Tellers, Lie Detectors Lie

    1. Good question! This is a subtle thing.

      James 5:13-18 speaks of the power of prayer. God responds to prayer. When God heals the sick, it is because we put our faith in Him, not some faith healer.

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      1. I agree. It is very subtle. I don’t see it as “either/or”. Jesus cares deeply for the sick, just like the homeless and poor. If I pray for the sick and they are healed, am I a “faith healer”? By faith, people are healed. God gets all the glory and credit. It is a good thing to pray for that to happen.

        Be blessed.

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