The Sermon Not In The Bible

Pick a card. Any card will do.

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

You know what sermon Jesus NEVER preached?

(Well… there are actually quite a lot of them, I reckon.  But one in particular stands out for this blog.)

Jesus NEVER teaches about When Helping Hurts.  Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert want you to think God would caution you against carelessly helping needy people.  But look closely at everything Jesus has to say in Scriptures.  It’s just not his concern.  Neither is it that of St. Paul, St. Peter, Isaiah, Moses, or any other Bible character.

Don’t believe me?

Look it up.  Find the sermon, the epistle, the poem, oracle, or prayer that outlines the dangers of giving assistance to needy people anywhere in the Bible, and send me the citation.

Meanwhile, if you find Jesus (or any other) directing us to give to, or care for, the poor while showing no regard for the dangers inherent in doing harm to…

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