What Would Jesus do? (Heck, we don’t know)

Asking the question WWJD might be a nice question, but it really doesn’t tell us much of anything.  No, in most cases, we don’t really know what Jesus would do.  We only really know what he did.

Think about it for a moment if you will:  Jesus didn’t really say JACK when it comes to government.  He didn’t speak of wars or on cancer or diet or medicine or many, many topics before us for years.

Jesus spoke on many spiritual issues, but left out many of those we are faced with day to day.

Clearly, Jesus was NOT anti-science, but then again, he didn’t speak about it.  He could have spoken about the new world, the Americas, but he didn’t.  Easily, he could have introduced the Periodic Table, but again, he didn’t.

Jesus could have forecasted the radio, television, computers, smart phones, machine guns, a-bombs, submarines or many, many other subjects, but once again, he didn’t.

I will make this clear:  He could have done so.  Jesus could have spoken on many important issues, but didn’t.

So then, we MUST conclude he didn’t as it wasn’t as important as what he did speak on.

Otherwise, on many occasions, when the disciples of Jesus attempt to guess what he would do, they were wrong and Jesus corrected them.  So then, if they were wrong, how do you think we could be right in terms of thinking we could or can outguess what he’d do?

Restating my theme.  We don’t really know what Jesus would do, but we do know what he did.  And we also know the topics he avoided altogether and left us completely without instruction.

And in the absence of a blueprint, we have his actual deeds to emulate.  Perhaps this is so because we can’t even fully perform those correctly and thus, wasn’t provided more.  And for that reason, perhaps that is why He was silent in what we should do when we ask for more


2 thoughts on “What Would Jesus do? (Heck, we don’t know)

  1. I may incur the wrath of many by saying this but Jesus didn’t advocate folks leaving Israel and mass migrating to a “better country” due to the oppressive and corrupt Roman rule. What He did advocate was changing hearts and minds where they lived by loving everyone around them unconditionally whether friend or foe through the power of love.

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