You’re Only as Ugly as you Look (Not so fast)

I remember a study a number of years ago that had college students guess who were the criminals when given a sheet with hundreds of thumb-size photos.  Not really surprisingly, it appears the ‘cuter’ the person, the less likely they were predicted to be a criminal.

In other words, people tend to think that ‘bad’ people look bad, much like they are portrayed in the movies.  Of course, everybody knows the bad guy wears black and the good guy wears white.  It is just as clear as that.

However, in reality, that is not the situation at all.  There is no difference in people based on appearance.  In fact, it brings to mind one distinct person: Jezebel. I can’t think of anyone described more beautiful nor as wicked as Jezebel.

Thus, our warm feelings towards those who possess cherubic looks serve only to deceive us. Yet, God judges the heart.

Yes, yes.  I know we think we can ‘see’ evil in others, but the only truth of the spirit is in actions.  And as we all know, much of our actions can be hidden and performed in the light of darkness.

So then, those kind eyes might be deceptive.  Our hearts may be impure and our judgments about who is what tends also to be wrong. In short, we too should be as God and focus on matters of the heart.  However, being as shallow as we are:  we will probably continue to judge the same as aways and which is why we always get it wrong.  Our motto forever is:  Beauty is skin deep.  Ugly is deep to the bone


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