It’s Nothing Personal

They call it a science if you will or at least a protective constitutional right.  Previously we referred to it as Eugenics or selective breeding.  Today we call it the euphemistic name of Planned Parenthood. It’s no big deal, we are told as we are only ridding the world of a fetus.  It’s nothing personal.

Think about that word for a moment. The person thing if you will.  And while this person may not yet live outside of the womb, indeed a person is there.

How can you take a small thing such as death and say it isn’t personal.  Hell, yes, it’s personal as a person is involved and the entire notion of the act of abortion is for eradication or death of the person.

Of course, they say a ‘person’ is not there yet.  That’s not what they say or the law says is involved if another person destroys a woman’s child in pregnancy.  All of a sudden this non-person becomes a person and by law, it’s personal.

Yet, for all those other unborn, no, they are not people.

That is similar in a way to say people such as myself who are over 65 are suddenly designated as non-people and fit for euthanasia. Again, this is a nice word for killing as my death would be involved.  Once more, it would be nothing personal as the only real issue here would be saving me suffering and taxpayer’s money.

Now aren’t all of these lovely thoughts.

I have even read accounts from ISSIS where in throwing homosexuals off rooftops, ISSIS member say they are being merciful by putting the homosexuals out of their misery.  In this way, they say, they are doing them a favor.  It’s nothing personal.

Racism too is much the same.  There is nothing personal in that.  And so I suppose the Germans must have told the Jews prior to destroying millions of them.  They should have understood.  Race was the issue.  Nothing bad about the people per se.  For it was nothing personal.  Germans were only interested in solutions and for the Jews it was death.

And then we should wonder about how people look and reflect upon us?  How are we seen?  Are we people or merely non-individuals in the way and feeding upon the limited resources?

I suppose truly there is nothing to fret about for in the good will of it all if they were to choose to rid us off the planet of the earth: it would be nothing really.  No big deal and surely, nothing personal.


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