Spotlight on God’s Warrior

Spotlight on God’s Warrior

Fred Young

For Years in north Florida, Reverend Fred Young has brought his powerful message of the Gospel to those incarcerated within city jails, Florida State Prisons and even those unretrievable lost souls withering within the hopelessness among the dejected cell blocks on Death Row.

Preaching the ancient truths of his Bible, Fred Young advances without fear: his presence is known at: the homeless shelters: at Community Transition Centers: advisory board for the Juvenile Justice Center: Nursing homes: And person-to-person evangelizes to include the home facility of the church.

Fred’s vision for others maintains a constant focal point on God’s salvation for Fred believes in the ultimate Good of a Just God and reconciliation among a wayward people. To this end, Fred offers forgiveness as a message from a savior who gave it all on a Cross.

Fred ferrets out those in the streets, within our schools and in the homes.  He knows no boundaries or limitations when it comes to presenting his message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is willing to go anywhere for its presentation.

“Hope exists for everyone”, he says. “There is no need for anyone to be lost.”

It is this optimistic hope and promise that drives Fred Young and will continue to compel him to preach his message for each generation.  As a warrior of God, Fred knows he can’t win all his battles, but believes in victory for those who reach out to God for His divine Grace.  Eventually, it is God’s fight to the end, he believes, and in the mist of that great battle, Fred is intent in being in the middle.  It is nothing new, it should be noted, for Fred has been battling the forces of evil for many years that are evidenced by the spiritual scars on his face.  A face that continues to experience all trials, pain and even joy encountered in the spiritual battle between good and evil.


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