Overrating their Contributions to Society

This actually should be an obvious fact.  The jokers that fit into this category are our actors, rock-stars, tv hosts, national athletes, radio stars and so forth, namely the media in one form or another.

Somehow or another it is stated, ‘What they have given to society and our culture.”

In fact, we see this yearly whenever it’s the anniversary such as John Lennon of the Beetles and others.

These guys are so very important that when their mother or father or brother or even if their dog dies, we hear about it.  We know their stage names, nicknames and even real names on top of all of that.

Yet, think about what they actually ‘give’ us.  And what they give us is some form of entertainment and for that they are well paid or at perhaps over paid for their services. And when they go broke, we are supposed to feel sorry for them and grieve their problems.

So much for the way of the world.

In this way, we don’t have true values or speak of things that actually do count, but on these phony values that the world says are important.

And the really strange thing about it is that for all of this, we are all left out of the equation.  We are not part of them, but excluded from them.  They are special and if you don’t believe it, ask them.  They will claim artistic value and merit.

Truthfully, they are all overrated and in fact most deserves their works to be ushered into the waste basket if considered at all.

And for what is real?  Oh, we’ll hide that and hide the words that actually make us free and explain to us and the world our true identity.  And for all of that, it begins with opening up the bible.  All the rest follows along with it and the true value or lack of value of the things of the world.


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