Announcing that which Matters

One of the Mantras being shouted out against the new Supreme Court candidate is the fear of losing the so-called right to abortion.

Imagine that if you will that the strongest issue on earth to you is a right to kill someone else.  This is really some news.

I mean, of all the issues you could choose we reserved the right to abort a child based on our right to participate in Godless behavior.  That behavior is a sexual activity that produces ‘mistakes’ and those mistakes must be taken care of:  in this case, via abortion.

The strange thing about this is about 44.5 ‘mistakes’ have occurred since 1970.  I could be wrong, but somewhere along the line we aren’t exactly learning from our mistakes or past behavior.

For you see, these are NOT mistakes.  This is a result of active and wanton behavior that is in defiance against the commandments of God.   But then again, we can’t speak of that way for that might actually offend someone.

Yet, in our passing away from this earth we will leave a legacy.  And that legacy will be a statement in terms of our values and core beliefs.  I would hope the greatest statement about us is not in our ability to make mistakes.  No, I would hope that legacy would include our ability to learn from our mistakes and correct our behavior thereof.


2 thoughts on “Announcing that which Matters

  1. You might want to correct “is about 44.5 ‘mistakes’ ” I imagine you mean 44.5 million.

    As for the topic, yes, this is another example of humanity’s brokenness and sin. Humanity is more concerned with comfort and convenience rather than following God’s will.


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