The Silence of our Words

A few years back a group in the United States was known as the ‘Silent Majority’.  For all practical purposes this was the alleged conservative faction that purposively backed Richard Nixon’s policies and more importantly, his Viet Nam agenda. As a rough guess, there probably was some truth in Nixon’s assessment of his loyal supporters.

In comparison in more recent years, we might also refer to our present Church group of conservatives also as being a silent majority. I say they exist as this constringency did vote Trump into office, and thus must be a large group consisting of millions.

The idea here is ‘Silent’.

And while this might all be good when making reference to politics, this is not such a great idea with religion and faith.

As Christians, our agenda, our mission is NOT to be silent, but to be transparent and proactive.  Our mission is always to announce the good news of the Gospel and throughout the entire world.

And in America, this is at least part of the problem.  Christians have been so silent over the years, it seems Christians will tolerate almost anything.

In fact with a broad brush we could paint a profile of many middleclass Christians.

This group would consist of extremely law abiding, hardworking, family people with a high sense of justice and  God fearing.

And since this group is of a low profile and wish to create no trouble, they are in the background—silent.

However, the problem with silence is that it appears to be an endorsement of ideas and behaviors.  And as such, children who look to adults for limits see none and adopt the fashionable fads and waves of the world.

The truth be told here:  most or at least many of the popular fads are not only harmful, they are extremely ungodly.

We see that in Music, in the arts and theater and in politics, spilling over into our educational system.

Some would address these as liberal ideas, but I see them more as ungodly ideas.  This is NOT liberal, they are in waywardness and in fight against God.

And in all of this, the Christian is silent.

All of this goes way beyond normal politics.  We are speaking of a complete lifestyle where anything goes.  Anything except common decency.

In the loud silence of all this noise, we have now entered a portal of no return.  The silence is deafening and now exists only among those with grey hair of the church.

If the legacy of the church is to continue into the future, it is the elder Christian’s job to step forward and make plain all that we stand for.

And in standing, our announcements cannot be performed In silence for it will not be a silent majority that transforms a society, but a stainless majority that is active, that engages and one that resonates by example with a voice that is heard across the world.  That is the type of behavior that is anything but silent and one that wins souls to Christ.


6 thoughts on “The Silence of our Words

  1. If the legacy of the church is to continue into the future, it is the elder Christian’s job to step forward and make plain all that we stand for.~ Amen.
    I didn’t see Michael’s comment until I went to post the same exact thing 🙂 Sharing!


  2. Your, correct, it has to start with those who are leaders in their various perspectives on doctrine. I don’t know that they are interested in Biblical truth beyond what they perceive it to be. I find that not many have actually changed their perspective once they really get into the word. Those who do usually are considered heretical. Many of the well followed blogs won’t post anything that questions their perspective.

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