The Stormy World of Chick Tracts

Since the 1960s Chick tracts have been placed in novel areas in public American facilities and too, around the world.  These comic book, cartoon captioned Gospel booklets are not without their controversy.

Even with the recent passing of Jack Chick, the founder, Chick tracts continue to preach the gospel with its fire and brimstone and to damn with those who prefer a more gentler approach.

Chick tracts are big on being against the Catholic Church and the Pope.  It is big against the Jews and many mainstream religions.  Chick tracts promotes the King James Version only and is also big on promoting demons, devils and (against Islam) also big on the Sinner’s Prayer.

In fact, you can call Chick tracts what you want, they are anything but lukewarm; better described as hot and hammering.

Without a doubt, Chick tracts are successful in converting and attracting nonbelievers into Christianity.  Also true, it can be argued they are extremely and out of the way, offensive to many.

If nothing else, most of us can learn from the appeal of Chick tracts and its approach to reaching people.  Aside from the damning to hell all who disagree with the tracts, we can learn from the simplicity, the cost effectiveness and persistence of the tracts.

Chick tracts do in fact represent many Christian beliefs and ideal systems.  While I disagree, I do believe Christians as a whole could at least adopt the approach in our message to the world.  Our message should be available just as Chick tracts are: should be short, simple and to the point.  And finally, our message should at least point to the cornerstones of salvation and lead the reader to Jesus and to the body of believers of the church.  At least to this effect, we can share in the success of a small booklet that has found itself into the hands of millions the world over.  The second round of messages should not simply be Chick tracts, they should be tracts provided by the believers of the church as a whole


One thought on “The Stormy World of Chick Tracts

  1. There is simplicity in Jesus Christ-we don’t need to add to His Words when we preach-teach-share-get to HIS point!
    Corinthians 14:33 – For God is not [the author] of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

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