Creatures of Habit (Boring People)

Some of us in society are so domesticated, so tame and conducive and pleasing to others that we have relegated ourselves to nothing more than creatures of habit. As empty people we get up in the morning, go to work, do whatever we are told to do without question.

And in this methodology of life, we reduce ourselves to the point where we:

Fail to question the world or ourselves anymore

Have no real idea what time it is or day of week or year

No longer laugh or smile or even feel

Possess no real insight concerning self or empathy toward others.

In other words, we are just ‘here’.  We are not really alive and are yet impervious to the world and environment.

This deadness to the world means we no longer care.  And in not caring we have no feelings for others or meaning for our own lives.

The ultimate sadness to all of this is that at times, we are speaking of Christians.

In truth, there is no way a Christian should be walking around without caring.  The message and life of Christian should always be alive and vibrant and moving.

And when we are walking ‘dead people’ it is time for a regeneration.  The regeneration is a task of the Spirit through Christ and should be assisted by our brothers and sisters in Christ.

This ‘revival’ is necessary from time to time for anyone can fall into a rut.

The danger to all of this is in not caring one way or another.

Too, it is a shame to lose a day within depths of despair as the precious commodity of life, once spent, cannot be returned or relived.  In other words, we have but one life to live and we must live it wisely to the end—each day, day by day.

So then, if life sucks:  seek out a brother of sister: generally speaking, a person whose life is empty is a life that isn’t really giving for and to others.  In this sense, the more one gives of self to others, the more one discovers of their own being and existence.  The end gain and result here is value.

And in value there is no creatures of habit as each moment of life is exciting and rewarding, fill with interest.

The challenge as Christians is to break out of the dullness and dry life of just walking from one task to another and entering the full world of obedience to Christ to others.  The full promise of this message is LIFE through Jesus.  And Life is a message that goes far beyond the programmed life of insects and those who simply live as simple creatures of habit with no purpose or meaning.


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