I Don’t Care

Of all the stupid things we can say, ‘I don’t care’ is one of them.  The fact is that we can get so overwhelmed, or depressed or aggravated or pushed that we can utter these stupid words.

It may be that we are at Joe’s Bar drowning our self with alcohol when we think:  we should be home, that we have to get up and go to work and then we think:  “I’ll worry about it tomorrow.”  Yep.  That’s the truth.  We simply don’t care.

Other drugs can really accelerate this attitude but the truth is:  as rational thinkers, we can justify almost anything and that is without the aid of alcohol or drugs.

For whatever the reason, but at a moment when our guard is down and we least expect it we can come up with this attitude.

The attitude might be in response to work whereas we tried as we might, became exasperated and then quit trying due to frustration.  We get to the point where we simply just don’t care.

And at this phase, we know we should care, but we don’t.

As Christians, we should know better than anyone than to adopt this type of mentality, but true enough:  the same happens to Christians and Christians might also come to the point where they don’t care either.

It might be that you were in a situation where you gave and you gave and gave and to no avail.  Finally, you said, ‘Screw it.  I don’t care.”

And where we’ve all been there and have messed up, the idea here is that we should not be in that place in our life where this becomes routine or where we feel good about walking away.

True, there are times where it makes good sense to walk away during counter-productive exercises, but this is far, few and in between.  A higher truth says that Christians should be above this type of behavior.

Okay, and then again we are not at times.

And insomuch that at times we Christians are not where we should be, we should try with all our might to do so.

I don’t know any pat answers to make us always rise above the limitations of our selves.  Yet, I know we are to trust the Lord with all  our hearts and depend on Him to guide us.

In the end, we may have no better answers than we did from the beginning.  However, I believe of all people it is Jesus who would never say that He didn’t care about us and that he Cares about what we do and are going through.

The target here is Jesus and how Jesus approaches problems and life as a whole.  And to that effect, God cares.  He cares beyond our ability and that is where our thoughts should rest.  And if we don’t care about anything else in life: the one thing we should is that we should always, without hesitation and under all circumstances should care about God.


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