Loving in Disagreement

When speaking of Godly love it often comes to mind we are speaking of harmony and agreement.  At least we are more or least taught as such for we are always seeking cooperation, unity and oneness.

And as much as on the surface this seems to represent agape well enough I think a greater love the type more often encountered is the love yet a love while in disagreement.

Truly, anyone can love something or someone that agrees.  This is natural and human enough:  but with Jesus we are to go beyond human, enter the spiritual realm and love Godly and supernaturally if you will.

The task presented before us here is that we disagree and yet still love our mate or our brother or sister or stranger: no matter that they represent views or behavior so much differently than our own.

As foreign as a concept that this might seem I believe this is in keeping with what Jesus said when he told us to love one another.

The same would be true when he tells us to love others as our self.

In this way love then transcends the humanness in us and steps over the boundaries into God’s kingdom of Heavenly love.

More simpler terms even, it means we are to love people who flat out disagree with us and still find some way to get along with them and care for them in spite of our own views.

And this is hard.

The fact is:  this is NOT natural.  We love those who enable or better us—-we are not programmed to like something that appears at odds with us.

And isn’t this how it is whenever we concede begrudgingly to a loved one? Don’t we really hate it when we do it and really feel like we lost and thus are giving-in to something and that they should be grateful that we took a backseat to them?

And while all of this might be true, it is love nonetheless and probably, in my way of thinking a much higher love than given by most.

To love in this capacity means we must reduce our personal egos and sacrifice a sense of self to the sense of others.

As humans we don’t like that.  We may say that we do, but we don’t.

So then, when approaching this mindset, we are not speaking of yielding from time to time or at just one negotiating as opposed to another, but in a constant—love stance that is constantly, continuously giving and forfeiting rights to others.

The truth of this is that at least as Christians we are to grow into this pattern and this mindset and finally as a way of life.

In spreading and expanding the perimeters of our faith and love, we must grow in order to do so.  The arenas of disagreement can be a bitter pill, but nonetheless necessary.  In the end the love in disagreement can also expand the horizons of our own life.  And as difficult or as impossible it might be, it is our onus to at least live the way upon which Jesus instructed.  Doing so means we must love often among those of whom we have large disagreement.  The harmony here is only in the giving and probably none for the receiving on our part.  And that is the love of true disagreement for it is giving up everything for all.




10 thoughts on “Loving in Disagreement

  1. This is really well said. I think Jesus said something very similar in Luke 6:32-36, about what credit does it do you to love people who already love you? We really do have to love one another even in disagreement, and even love our enemies.

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  2. In today’s socially toxic and highly publicized world it seems the divide between opinions and friends on issues grows greater by the day. Sad commentary is this is happening more and more in “Christian” circles.

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  3. “As humans we don’t like that. We may say that we do, but we don’t.” I needed this reminder as I struggle with someone that continually abuses a situation… PRAISE THE LORD FOR HE IS GOOD TO LEAD US THE RIGHT WAY!

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  4. August 28, 2018

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award!

    You deserve it for your efforts, creativity, and sincere desire to inspire and inform.

    Please read the rules on my post, and decide if you choose to accept this nomination.
    Related post: https://kevymichaels.blog/2018/08/28/say-what-i-received-the-liebster-award-from-loving-bloggers-they-showed-a-brotha-luv-yall/

    I see this award as a welcoming from other bloggers, who appreciate what you do! I know that I appreciate you.

    Warm Regards,
    Kevy Michaels

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  5. It is easy to love the ones we already love. Learning to love those that are hard to love (those sand paper people). We are not all going to agree. The question is, “How are we going to respond to those with whom we disagree.


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