“Your Breakfast Is NOT A Toy!”

How I made myself a failure into still even a greater failure in 10,000 easy lessons. (Life in the USA)

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

“…it goes IN your mouth!… And NO, you don’t wear it either!!!”

These words are part of my daily routine as I shepherd/disciple the homeless people who have come into my home (actually God’s House) for help with getting their lives back on track.

And it is exhausting work.  And you really have to be patient… going over the same old ground again today as yesterday.  You might feel like these people never learn!  And I am talking about the simplest of life-lessons!

Still, I house them, feed them, clean up after them, let them watch too much TV.  Everything Lupton*, Fikkert*, and Corbett* and friends would warn against: Enabling!

What can I say, each one of these lowly homeless creatures came to me hooked on drugs.  So we do this healing one battle at a time.

Of course they are only two years old (and younger).  But still we…

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