Viewing People as an Interruption

GO AWAY AND LEAVE ME ALONE {Viewing People as an Interruption}

Most of us are the type of people who love to stay on task and hate it when we are taken off course by interruption. Distractions are by the dozens and today’s society presents a challenge to remain focused on our work. This is also true among those who are in the vocation of helps.

During those times of concentration, everything that interferes with our work is seen as an interruption and it is there that people can present themselves as a hazard.

However much we might interfere with others work, it would seem that someone would have time for us. This most definitely should be true with GOD.

My insistence here states that nothing is more important than God’s people and that everything else is minor compared to the needs of people.

When Jesus walked this earth HE made time for the needs of people. Nothing was more important to him than them. Nothing.

This trying experience can easily be seen for those who have children and the father who finds his child tugging away at him while the father works. Our response, most often than not is to turn the child away, stating that we are busy and can not be bothered with.

The short and sweet of this is that our Christian labors are similar yet we should discover that others are by far more important than whatever else we might have on our plate.

We should hope that God is never too busy to have time for us, or that our prayers are never considered as an interruption to either Jesus or our friend of the Holy Spirit.

In like manner we too should always be available to others. And in yielding to others we sacrifice, lose our ‘life’ and gain it back by our denial of desires and wants.

Thus, our job is directly and with priory other people in our Christlike quest to become like Him. Whereas this is much easier said than done, we are positioned to give our self to others in order to gain our eternal lives forever. And with a passion like that, we will certainly always have time for someone else and never see them as nothing more than a burden or as a simple interruption.


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