Convincing Christians of Hell and Satan

Some Christians, including fervent Pastors spend a substantial amount of time dwelling on hell or Satan.

They will explain that the devil was here there or everywhere with all kinds of power; the end consequence is always, hell.

This blog is not a proponent of either hell or Satan, or taking a partisan view on it, but nonetheless, stating there is no requirement to believe in Satan to be a Christian.

To the contrary: the requirement is to believe on Jesus to be saved.

I have heard some sermons and otherwise through Christians who attribute all kinds of mystical persuasion to Mr. Lucifer, more so than Jesus ever did.

Some Christians explain they spend a full time job fighting Satan and his army and also indulge into all the omnipotent activities of his legion.

Nothing really could be further from the truth. In fact, to fully believe so would be to deny the full power of Jesus and His domain over Christians.

Then you have those who propel the Jezebel spirit, the lying spirit, the spirit of sickness and tons of other so named and unnamed spiritual entities.

And while I agree we fight a unseen battle of darkness, I believe most of those are driven by the desires of our own heart, not external demons as such.

More importantly, the theme here is Jesus. It is NOT Satan. The power is not with Satan but with the blood. The full reign is not with demons, but with Jesus. Our fear is not with Sir Lucifer, but with God who has the power to destroy the soul and body.

In short, our concentration should be on the Son of God, Jesus, His death on the cross, resurrection and the full promises of God’s kingdom. This means the body of our thoughts and efforts are not on some wayward angel, but on Jesus and Him alone.

God’s power does not rest outside with some external bad guy, but with the total goodness that lies with Jesus.

As Paul states, all things of which we should consider and think about—-and none of those things were bad things….but only on the virtue of all things which are good. That would pretty much exclude the deeds and influence of the bad guy, the devi


9 thoughts on “Convincing Christians of Hell and Satan

  1. More than half a century ago, at the age of 14, I very stupidly joined a group of kids at my high school who were playing with a Ouija board and holding seances. The nightmare we unleashed in our lives was worse than any Stephen King horror novel.

    So, I know first hand that the demonic realm is very real. However, I agree wholeheartedly with you: the answer to overcoming the enemy is to focus, not on the darkness of satan, but on the light of Christ. We overcome evil by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus, and by the word of our testimony. This is my testimony: after years living in an occult hell, today I am totally free, by the grace and power of my Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus, the only begotten Son of God!

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  2. I agree that our focus should be on Christ alone. However, Jesus mentioned hell’s existence frequently and, as His followers, we mustn’t exclude it out of fear of looking foolish when witnessing to unbelievers about consequences.

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  3. Jesus should indeed be the primary focus. But is it also important to understand the nature of the lie God told in Job, because that lie caused us to reject Jesus, and that lie then convinced us that we actually accepted Jesus as our savior. You let the Spirit deceive you, making an Enemy out of God in the process, instead of using it to bring truth out of lie.

    I know Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and nobody else can save me. I know that I behave in perfect likeness to him, and no longer sin since I saw Him for who He was. I know that I am currently doomed to destruction, compared with which, hell would be a paradise.

    Perhaps I will be offered another chance to accept Jesus in the next world. I suspect I will once again, be born 2,000 years or so too late.


    1. Michael, I’m not sure how anyone could answer what you have stated here. Lies can only be overcome with truth, and you seem to deal more in lies than truth. In the first place you cannot be perfect and that’s why Jesus died for your sins. You expect to experience a place worse than hell and you will because you can’t comprehend hell. You expect to live again beyond this life and you will when you stand before the God of creation who you seem to think has the capacity to lie. You my friend need a different bible. We will pray for you. Jesus died for a world of sinners just like you and me.

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