How Come, Why {Because I say so}

Some preachers are so full of themselves they’ll be quick to explain to you some so-called inspiration they got prior to arriving to church and at the pulpit.

This is often Revelation Knowledge and is said to be privy only to the original receiver, they claim. And while the ‘message’ of this oracle is not generally harmful, neither is it altogether scriptural either.

The motive, the idea here, I think is for the messengers to bring attention to themselves. Think about it for a moment if you will…wouldn’t it be great to be an ‘insider’ on the Lord and to be the first to receive ‘news’ from the Kingdom of God? Of course, it would.

In actuality these messages are often border-line if not flat out forms of prophecy. Thus, they should be held to the same rules of prophecy of the Old Testament. Yet, we know that they are not.

In this sense now, I’m speaking of prophets who are foretelling the future, not other forms of prophets who speak of behalf of God’s character and often of morality or ethics.

What this means is that if the messenger is not correct in what they say, then the message simply didn’t come from God. That’s pretty simple, isn’t it.

However, these ‘enlightened’ messengers often have a way of saying it so there message is at best ambiguous. For the ‘prophet’ it is usually a win-win situation as their words are so vague it can mean almost anything.

So then, what should we do and of whom shall we rely on?


The Bible is our standard and words that reflect something outside of God’s character should be avoided and ignored.

Still one more way to know is to go straight to God yourself. This is exactly one of the marvelous benefits Jesus gave to us through His presence and death.

Trusting God in all our ways really makes it unnecessary for us to rely on a personal prophet or soothsayer.

As much as some would like to think they have the inside scoop on God, in truth, they know nothing more than either you or I.

Go to the scriptures for answers and in turn, trust God through Jesus in all your ways…and He will set your path. There is no need for any other prophecy. God is the solution and the answer.


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