Which one are we {The sum total of the parts}

This is tough enough and we’ve all done it at least once. We’ve pulled out a number of photographs spanning many years and pointed to one after another: this is one is when I was age one…when I was 13… when I graduated from High School…etc.

Therein it dawn’s on us: that’s how we WERE…that is NOT us NOW.

Once we are adults, gone is the innocence, the hopes and dreams we possessed as a child. And for some of us…gone too is the beauty of childhood.

Still, a greater truth exists: we are no longer those people in those photographs. We are somehow, anew.

Taking this to its logical conclusion, we are not even the same people as we were say, from yesterday or the day before or last week. Truly, we are always evolving, changing, growing and at least, aging.

Whereas it it true enough: most everyone believes people change for the worse, and almost none believe anyone ever changes to the positive.

And of course, we as Christians know this is NOT true. People change all the time for both good and bad. Sometimes they’ll even change back and forth over time.

And while our emotions and thoughts change over time, we morph constantly into one form of character into another.

In other words, we are FLUID.

All of us have from time to time been amazed about how someone we haven’t seen over a long period of time has changed physically. This is of course true when seeing a friend’s kid of whom we knew many years hence and then find ourselves meeting them once again twenty years later. Oh, so much change and to us it seems to happen over night.

With all this change, we as Christians have a question to ask and to answer…

Which one of those people are we going to be?

While our physical aspects will differ over time, we must choose which character attributes we will keep or alter.

And when I meet you once again…which one of you will I meet?

More importantly, as I see it, will be which one of me will I introduce myself as to you.

My hope is that I will have transitioned into someone worthwhile and one that is keen on boasting for Christ. And in that boast I should be able to point to Jesus and explain all my changes have come from Him.

That person from all that change is who I wish to be. I would be proud to say, I am him. He made me.


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