How Random is God’s Kindness?

Over much of the USA many have called for a proactive initiation into the performance of RAKs. While all of this is good enough in itself, how does this sit with the Christian?

Is that what it comes down to, random acts? Is this our persona, our signature as Christians?

Of course, this should reasonably reflect the LEAST of a Christian’s character, but personally I believe Jesus called us to do so much more.

In fact, our kindness to people should be anything BUT random. Our kindness should be deliberate, powerful and to everyone.

Naturally, this is impossible. However, this at least should be our goal.

Attempting to narrow down our efforts to only a random ‘chance’ is actually a sad commentary on Christians. Just how random do we want God to answer our prayers when we pray?

Can you imagine that? Can you imagine going to God in prayer and through His son requesting he answer us in a random procedure, dismissing our pleas completely on the merits? No. There is no such attribute with God. He is simply not random at all.

And the same should be true with us. This all requires discipline, a discipline that matures over time and should be replicated among all Christians as we grow from simple believers into true disciples.

An when it all comes down to it as we serve our neighbors and fellow Christians, we should then be known as a source of love. And when that happens no one would dare assert our love comes from an energy pattern of randomness, but out of an abundance of love, care and compassion. That is anything but random.


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