Playing Left-Out {That means you}

For those of you who remember playing outdoors as kids prior to the age of smart phones, you might remember the times when kids were chosen to play on such and such a team at any given time.

You know the gambit: One designated ‘captain’ would choose one and the other ‘captain’ then would alternatively choose the others until there were two or three kids left.

Invariably, out of the two or three remaining kids there were always at least one kid who played so bad at anything, nobody wanted him. He was simply left out.

Since this never happened to me, it is difficult for me to fully appreciate or realize how humiliating, this situation actually is. I can’t really imagine the embarrassment or unbearable feeling of shame.

Feeling excluded or left out is a terrible experience and surely everyone has been or at at least felt left out of something at least once in their life.

The hollow truth is that it is miserable to feel dejected, left out.

A person who feels he or she is a misfit is one truly horrid individual.

I remember years ago while reading an Ann Landers article in Dear Abby, of the statement that the child who was NOT invited to a party will always remember the rejection but the ones who were invited and attended will forget the event.

Oh, how so very true. We all remember our rejections.

Enter the Lord, Jesus the Christ and Son of God.

Personally, I think Jesus came almost elusively for the discarded and abhorred. The actuality of life is that MOST people are left out with only a hand full of people who make it to the top.

God, in His great mercy identifies with the ostracized and beckons all of us to Him.

I think that is why Jesus said that ‘The first one now shall later be last.’

Jesus knows and understands personally how it feels not to be wanted.

And where others will tell us to Go away, We bother them, Jesus welcomes us into his household with open arms.

If you don’t believe you fit this category of rejects then honestly you’ve never been refused by a girlfriend or boyfriend or suffered a divorce or felt shunned by a social group or community. Yet, most people have been denied a job loss or other position due to outside peer pressure almost always coming from some elevated social network.

Even the toughest of us have feelings. The hardest of us need someone out there: a feeling of acceptance. This same reasoning is why most young people even join gangs—no matter how bad they are.

And whereas you will be accepted by Jesus we are also to be accepted by the church.

And this is where it really hurts: and in the failings.

This is where the church more often than not drops the ball and puts thousands on the list of LEFT-OUT.

We have the Homeless, the cons and ex-cons, and druggies, the poor and other undesirables of groups within groups.

And it is here where we, the church should be picking up the ball, we falter and leave out, omitting the very people Jesus called into His kingdom.

Let’s hope that in excluding all that we do that we ourselves are not thrust among the other groups that walk around so high and mighty, the privileged, pretending we are not part of the left-out group.

As rejects, we are all in this thing together. We are all one and the same.

And other that same umbrella of definitions, we are left-out of everything and everyone, discovering out true identity only under the helm-ship of our Master, Jesus. Remember, until the time of our Lord’s return, let know one fool you. Expressed in real terms you are the same as me and the others. In definitive words, you are alone as everyone who has been deserted and left to themselves. You will remain one of the deplorables: those who are nothing more than LEFT-OUT.


3 thoughts on “Playing Left-Out {That means you}

    1. This is all in line with the lost sheep (the one) whereas the 99 were left to search for the one. The crowds around Jesus were all a motley crews and were not part of mainstream society. At least, not with the church. Personally, just as you, I feel at home with the Lord.

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  1. There can be no doubt that the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20) calls everyone to go out into the world (workplace, neighborhood and mission field that is full of “Homeless, the cons and ex-cons, and druggies, the poor and other undesirables of groups within groups”) and make disciples (Preaching and Teaching the Gospel Message) of men.We must be careful though for the bible in no way tells us to go out and make a social gospel out of this by trying to introduce social programs as the cure all. No where does the bible speak of this except loosely in Acts 2 and that is among professing believers of the early church not the unbelieving public.

    Far too many churches and ministries have strayed from the Commission unto their own mission of omission and left the plan of God behind. Each individual has a calling from God and they must decide through prayer and wise counsel how best to serve Him for His Glory with support from the church to these groups of people.


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