Don’t Come To Church With Me; You Aren’t Welcome There

It costs too much to be poor

Fat Beggars School of Prophets

That’s right.  You read it correctly.

I am thinking of the homeless particularly.  If you are rich, white, and smell good, I am sure you will be welcome, but if you are homeless, then you are not.

Yes, I actually checked on this.  I asked if we could host homeless people in our church and was told NO.  In fact absolutely not.

And, I was told that by insisting on this, that my idea of helping the poor actually does more harm that good.

I was told this by leadership people at my church!

So, don’t come to church with me!  Please… go to church, but not where I go.  We couldn’t possibly jack up church more profoundly unless we raped alter boys and held Grand Inquisitions.

No.  Find a church, alright, but find one that welcomes “the least of these” and thus welcomes Jesus.

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One thought on “Don’t Come To Church With Me; You Aren’t Welcome There

  1. Do people honestly believe that the Holy Spirit won’t dwell in homeless people? It is such a sad thing to think that some churches have become so complacent with the world that society’s vanities have replaced Christ’s call to minister to lost souls.

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