That Dirty Rotten…

We have all heard this at one time or another. These are the words and worse—for those who were once either our friends, or our soul mates.

How can this be?

At one point in our life or more we thought these people were the greatest people on earth and at another time, the most horrible.

Both of these statements can’t be true. While it is true that people can change over time, more than likely what has changed is our attitudes.

Downing the other person and criticizing them, running them into the ground simply is NOT right. Oh, I am sure we are justified enough to say all the bad things we can think of about the person, but in reality this is more than likely only our present perception.

Just because one might determine they can’t live with another person or associate with them, doesn’t make them the fiends or terrible people we purpose.

At one point we thought the other could do no wrong. That they were perfect and beyond approach. However, with a turn of events, we believe they can do no right.

This is not the Christian way. We were told to love one another, not all EXCEPT those we previously loved.

The attitude of unforgiveness and vengeance sucks.

This is nothing more than bitterness and hate. And most of the hate is a result of the feeling of rejection.

In the wild process of defaming the other person we might just one to provoke an introspection and realize perhaps there are issues with our self we simply need to correct. Perhaps we simply need a more gentle hand.

Or is it we can not get over the hurt and pain and dejection from another that we must fight back with all our worth?

We see this in some: once bitten, not only shy, but out with a full vengeance for ALL people. “THERE WILL BE BLOOD!” we say and demand.

But this is all childish and unbecoming a Christian.

So then, in the end which do we choose? How will we react? And what will be our true testimony for Christ and to others?

The answer lies within each of us and will speak for itself. Hopefully, we will all choose to forgive.


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