Mark 3 1-6 My allegorical Reiteration (Fat school of Beggars goes to Bat)

And then Agent X and His followers went to church; yet the powers-to-be were there to test him.

Is it lawful to assist a homeless man on the sabbath?” they asked Agent X.

The question here is NOT the sabbath. The question is the value, the worth of God’s Children on any day.”

And so they wished to boot out Agent X and all his men as he and his followers defiled the desires and wishes of the church.

And then again, Jesus was struggling on the streets of Lubbock with no one to champion His cause. Jesus concluded that all had forsaken Him and His people for the churches cursed His existence. Among the harsh cold streets and whispering of the wind: God’s voice could be heard for the forbearance of His Holy Spirit. In that day even those who walked among the righteous shuttered to think of the wrath in the last days of that building and those who roamed it.

At last, Jesus found His home and it was out and away from the church he founded and loved so much. Once again, He found Himself alone.


5 thoughts on “Mark 3 1-6 My allegorical Reiteration (Fat school of Beggars goes to Bat)

  1. Ouch! That is a dark picture!!!

    But thanx for caring. Thanx for your encouragement. It is deeply needed.

    It turns out, I am no real threat to this establishment. I am not here to sue or cause property damage or harm to life or limb. I am merely here to confront. One small, humble prophet (among others) bringing a confrontational message that is so very easy to brush aside with contempt. And this very humble blog is the dim light shown on that.

    The latest tactic (not for the first time either) seems to be “Don’t talk to him; it just encourages him!” But of course that too goes unsaid (or so it seems except for the fact that someone managed to circle the wagons – meaning something was said).

    So, thanx for your generous response. It is encouraging.

    God bless you…


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  2. Off subject, I know, but I happen to think the reference to entertaining Angels unaware in Heb 13 actually alludes to Abe and Sarah in Gen 18. Under the Oaks of Mamre… the way the text tells that story, you and I (the readers/hearers) seem to be privy to the real identity of the strangers (the bums, transients, hobos, trespassers – even “least of these…”) who show up to eat, and Abe spares no expense serving them. And they get a blessing from it. And of course this is the “Angel of the LORD” which some conjecture is an early Old Testament appearance of Jesus. Even if not, it certainly gives cause for such pause.


  3. In response to the least of these…Too, I think the greater calling is giving to the least of them knowing they are nothing but a bum, etc… After all, who in their right mind as a Christian would knowingly turn away Jesus or an Angel of God? Better to entertain and give with NOTHING expected in return. Either we have love or we don’t. I guess more often than not, we simply don’t.

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