Unless you Repent

In Luke 13:1 and then again in Luke 13:4 we see where two tragedies occurred and life lost.

While Jesus assured us that the people did not die in accordance to their sins, he warned for us all to repent or else it could also happen to us. Most would not see this as a good omen. (If you have any sense)

First, While Jesus was in Jerusalem when the tower of Siloam fell, it looks as if he could have prevented the accident but didn’t. The second is that we can not assume tragedy occurs as a result of God distributing punishment in reference to sin.

Okay. Admit it. Some of this sucks. Of course, we can ask why? We can ask why God does not intervene and save us, when we are his children. This is a very natural question.

Whereas the Galileans came to sacrifice, Pilate choose to demonstrate his wrath and thus, the Galileans died in slaughter. Do we witness some parallels?

Is there a similarity with the inferno of the Twin Towers on 911? How about where Isis decapitates the heads of Christians? There is more, but this should be suffice to gain the message. And the message is:

More important than our life or death is that we regard God first in all things and strive to gain merit for positions in Heaven.

Of course, our life here on earth is important: God said our creation was good. However, even more important are our lives eternally.

Yes, I know this doesn’t help much when we’re suffering. Nor does it assist at all at the lost of a loved one or loved ones.

Yet, out of all of that, we are to trust God as Job trusted God in his times of trials.

Jesus warns us to repent: and what should we repent to?

We should repent to the very word of God that saves us from condemnation into righteousness. And in this process we are to lose our life, figuratively and literally in order to gain one presented by God Himself.

In the meanwhile, all kinds of crap is going to happen and continue to happened. And while this all must take place, we should never lose faith in Jesus or in His Father who sent Him. With Jesus we will live forever.



3 thoughts on “Unless you Repent

  1. Amen Tom. I just made this comment on another blog how a gentleman came out to give me and estimate to repair damage done to our home during a hurricane, and we discussed this very issue. But we will have faith in God, and if we want these things to stop, we have to turn to God, and do what He tells us is right. Until then, these things will keep happening. LORD, thank You for continuing to bless Tom 🙂

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