Calling it for What it Is: A Cockroach in the Icing (Hand to Hand with Agent X)

Agent X with the Fat Beggars School of Prophets has been fighting the establishment for a long number of years: decades over the issue of the church taking in the homeless.

To that effect, Agent X has mostly lost the battle with the churches as simply put; all those ‘good’ people don’t want to mingle with all those ‘bad’ people.

In easy terms: the homeless are a group of cockroaches that stream out of the woodwork and do nothing but contaminate the beauty and purity of the church buildings and congregants.

Nobody loves a COCKROACH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As much as we Christians say we love others and love all and possess the love of Christ: WE DON’T!

Sorry, but I call things the way I see them and we simply haven’t arrived when it comes to intimating the love of God through His son, Jesus.

We make excuses: we appear inept. We are afraid and reticent. We can’t bear to focus on the ugliness of ‘those people’ as we are afraid we could BECOME like ‘them’.

God forbid that we should have to drink a bottle of ‘Old Crow’ or smoke a cigarette butt found on the wayside or eat a discarded Twinkie or mingle with those who smell of drugs, alcohol, stink, urine and grime.

We have become so infused with avarice we are unable to see the Lord humbled with His masses, those outside the church: the dejected.

And in that process we have also put our Christ in the same image: the dreaded, despicable COCKROACH who spoils the entire cake.

After all, who can eat that cake after the musky cockroach has travailed along it’s perimeter? Dirt =people and they are all one and the same if they are outside a particular social class.

They have nits and dirt and bad breath and sores and wounds and toothless and matted hair and bugs and a stench that simply will not rid itself without the agent of bleach.

And that is why Agent X loses His battle which is our battle for we are too comfortable watching God work on:

Touched by an Angel or Highway to Heaven

It is there we can sit back and watch God perform his Hat and the Rabbit tricks that so amuse us with heart warming epics and morals.

Only with those guys,we don’t have to go there.

And in the here and now, where are we: Where do we stand by Agent X or with Tom or with you or me or them or with anyone who has been cast aside?

Let’s just say I won’t hold my breathe if I have to count on the church to pull me through. They are too busy watching it on television.

In the meanwhile while waiting on my earthly salvation: I’ll have to dwell with the rest of the roaches until such time as someone recognizes that Jesus is here, down there with us on the peripherals. He is here alongside with the rest of us roaches.

Thank God for the Gospel of Salvation and for His son, Jesus. I wonder who next will speak for those who are there asking to come into HIS FOLD? My guess, it’ll be simply another cockroach calling in all the others into the Kingdom of God…Who will lead the way?


7 thoughts on “Calling it for What it Is: A Cockroach in the Icing (Hand to Hand with Agent X)

  1. God’s children, God’s children, God’s children, why do so many forget we are ALL God’s children. I saw a young lady sitting on a curb, and she was in need. She said she only needed a ride to her moms as she had no way to get there and no money for a ride. That her sister would come get her but only if she gave her some gas money. All I had was $20 in my pocket, which I gave her. I told her I would also give her the money and the ride, and I could tell by her apprehension, that it scared her. She humbly said it wouldn’t take that much money. I told her that she is God’s child, and my sister, and that He was going to help her today. That if all I had was $20, then that is what she was meant to have. As I was doing this a woman stopped me and said, I’d be careful you don’t know this woman. RIGHT IN FRONT OF THIS YOUNG LADY. I knew the young lady heard her, You couldn’t help but hear her. I nicely told the woman, God protects me. I am God’s child, and so is she. I turned to young lady to hug her, and she pulled back, saying, “I have a rash all over my arms, some have turned to sores. I don’t know what it is. Look it’s horrible. I wouldn’t want you to catch it” I wrapped my arms around her anyway. She squeezed me so tight, it broke my heart.

    I am not some saint, I’m not telling this because I need anyone to tell me that sure was nice. Mans praise isn’t worth a blade of grass. But what you wrote reminded me of this because there are some “righteous” folks out there who are not very nice, and want to tell you to not be nice either. Jesus hung out with the so called “wrong people” The so called “righteous” talked crap about Jesus, JESUS, our Lord, and Saviour, they talked down to, bad about, judged Him and who He associated with. He said the righteous didn’t need Him. I guess they don’t teach that in church anymore. Sorry for the ramble. But we are all God’s children, and if you don’t love your brother, then you don’t love God. How do I know? Because the Bible tells me so. 🙂

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    1. And God is the same with us: rash, sores and all. Even though we are unwanted, he claims us as His children even though we are bastards who came in late. And as any Father would: he embraces His children as that is a natural affection archetype to anyone, all over the world.

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  2. I think the attitude that you can wait on your earthly salvation is part of the problem. If more people realized the kingdom doors will soon close forever, they might get off their asses.

    Your kingdom come
    But let Your will, not mine, be done.

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  3. Martin Luther wrote the Heidelberg Disputation in 1518. He wrote about the theology of glory vs. the theology of the cross. He said in point 21: A theology of glory calls evil good and good evil. A theology of the cross calls the thing what it actually is. This is so hard for churches to hear these days. But it is the truth that sets us free. We need to be convicted, shaken, rattled. Risen from our comfort.

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