Christians love Jesus as long as He is dead

Of course, a question would come to mind after reading a title as such as above: why would someone say that about our Lord, Jesus?

And the answer is an easy one and straight to the point: If Jesus were alive he’d be celebrated and obeyed as an active savior and as the Son of God and King that He is.

Jesus himself said that God was the God of the living not of the dead. And thus, if we loved Jesus as if he were alive, we would serve him out of obedience, out of love introducing him to the entire world as a vibrant and powerful Messiah.

The truth though is that we don’t. Most of us point to the sign of the crucifix hanging around our neck. We illuminate the cross where Jesus is hanging, as if this were the present tense and where Jesus had yet conquered death.

For if one conquers death in the present tense and we act accordingly in the present tense of Jesus truth and power and glory. We don’t.

Instead, we lament his death, grieve, petition and pray is if God through his son Jesus were so far away rather than dwelling here inside of us on earth.

Clearly, we love Jesus’s wretched body that hangs eternally on the cross remote and distant from us. Indeed, that is the God of the dead. We should be paying tribute and following Jesus among the living. Yet, where are we going to find Jesus among us?

Among our contemporary churches Jesus is dead to the homeless, to the poor, the drug addicts, the infirmed, the rejected, the outsiders, those who are are outside the social elite, the dejected, the desolate, the hopeless, the suicidal and most any who are searching for Jesus among the brethren.

It is sad but true, we love Jesus as long as he remains dead. And as long as Jesus remains dead, is dead to the world for it is the Christians job to introduce Jesus through our own personalities. The question remains: will Jesus always be dead? Will his congregation always be separate and divided among those of whom we should serve and yet even be part of in the absence of the separate identity? Until that time we will mourn the loss of our Savior as the rest of the world mourns the loss of us and our compassion. Amen


10 thoughts on “Christians love Jesus as long as He is dead

  1. Jesus IS alive and well!! The Kingdom of Heaven IS among us, even right now. We may not always see it, we may not always feel it, we may not always believe it, but it’s the truth. He is working in our lives, in our world, and in our history. So much of history can be seen through the lens of Christ working in the world, shaping history, preparing us for his return.

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  2. Too true, brother, and painfully, shamefully so. I am sorry to say.

    But I have seen it with my own eyes: If two or three homeless people are gathered together in his name and knock on the church house door quoting Rev. 3:20, there he is in their midst, and behold he is alive and knocking on that door! If the church will open up, he will come in and party with them, but they don’t. Wont even consider it.

    I mean a guy would scream at the top of his voice about this, but he would have no volume – so they tell me from inside.

    Look. I hate so badly to park on this message, but if someone will open the door, we can talk about party plans. Until then, Jesus is outside knocking – and freezing to death.

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  3. Amen! This is well said. Often we love the Babe in the manager, and Jesus dying on the cross. That makes Him safe, manageable, asking nothing of us. But He is risen indeed, alive and well, and seated in victory at the right hand of the Father. Now He is actually the King of Kings, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah,and no longer safely contained in a tomb. Now He is out in the world and asking things of us, commanding an army even. I think Jesus Himself spoke of this, of white washed tombs and dry bones. Our God lives and He reigns too, and our world would look much different if we really understood that.

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