Discovering the God, the Christ who is alive

Popular among religious folks is to tell people in particular when referring to the masses: to return to God.

All this is good enough however where or how are these people to return to God?

I believe the general consensus on this consists of a two-pronged approach; the first approach obviously entails the person on their knees. And second, is in referring the person to the Scriptures.

The Scriptures however explain it a little differently. With Jesus explaining to the disciples how to pray – – – Jesus is not on his knees, he is standing, his head lifted up toward the heavens. Here we see a relationship between the person and his maker. This is not esoteric, nor essentially intellectual, only a simple relationship that involves father and son. We see consistently where Jesus refers himself and his miracles in reference to the father. Even Jesus’ own existence is an relationship to the father.

The discovery process, the lively process is expressed in terms of relationships. This is true also of the extension of his own body, the church. Christ showed and demonstrated to the world that his father not only existed but loved his creation. And Jesus illustrated this by means of his relationship to people while here on earth.

Hence, witnessing the evidence of God to others – – – showcasing the evidence of God is now performed through his disciples known as his church. God is alive through Jesus. Jesus is alive through his spirit manifested by us. In pointing to God and his realness we should be pointing the fingers to us. For if there is a God, today we as Christians are his evidence.

Think about it. If Jesus is real to the world then his words are also real or else it is a farce. As Jesus said he dwells in us or else he doesn’t. There can be no two ways about this. We are either speaking the truth or else we lie.

In searching for God one should turn to the brethren. His church is his word: his pledge: his legacy: his body: his spirit: his help: his kinship: inheritance and much much more.

If God is alive then he must be discovered through us, the Christian. The truth resides in the manifestation of the evidence. The question is not whether the truth resides in God yet if the truth dwells in the Christian. This separates whether the world will discover God through Jesus.


4 thoughts on “Discovering the God, the Christ who is alive

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