Will you also go away?

One can almost imagine the pain in Jesus’s voice when asking this most horrifying question to his most loyal of disciples. Of course we all know now, that yes all eventually turned away from him at the cross.

In some ways the disciples were similar to us. It’s not so much that they turned away from him but like us we were never with him to begin with.

Don’t we find the most similar types of circumstances in our life? Are there moments in our life when we struggle with issues, with circumstances, only to discover we are in that episode completely alone? In times like that we have no friends. And desolate predicaments as such we are out there by ourselves.

For all of those who yell hurrah, who avow to be with us always, there are trials in life which contradict the affirmations of our most committed partners in life and in faith. We see this daily in America in divorce, and sickness, and most prevalent in financial calamities.

Jesus experienced this in the ultimate: for Jesus was there in the singular, hanging on the cross in abandonment. Retched with agony, our Savior pivoted in isolation.

So then in our own day-to-day activities, we ask that penetrating question to society to the world and to our friends: when things get tough will they to go away?

Of course the answer is rather simple. Of course, more than likely they will all not only go away but turned against us just as he did our Lord, just as we did our Lord.? And there lies the separation between man and God. God through Jesus, will never cast us aside only to go his own way without us. While this might be with groups, the question falls also on one by one. So then I ask you, will you too go away?

Insomuch you say that you love me, and this is good, you will fail because you were born among men. It is only through Jesus that our imperfections are made whole. Eternity then does not reside with man but is propagated by God. As Christians we should recognize our callow weakness, our failures expressed as sin.

Until that recognition arises we are still trapped in the void and the chasm of darkness. Standing in the gap, is the extension of God’s hand to his son Jesus who is the light. And to that life there is no measurement of man that can stand against his stature. For not only will we go away over and over again, at other times we were never even there.


One thought on “Will you also go away?

  1. I like the article because it is very close to my heart. It was my own mother who was deceived into handing me over to my abusers in her church that led to 44 years of being under the curse. At first I resented her for doing it but when I returned to God like the prodigal son I had so much love for. She became the most beautiful person to me with all her imperfections. It was then that I was born again even though I asked Jesus into my heart at the age of ten. I learned to forgive all those who had abused me and to treat them as I would myself even though they did not change. People kept abusing me but I kept on loving them; thus, giving the devil a black eye.
    Love, Horace


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