Visibility of God(For those who desire an audience of our maker)

In many accounts in the New Testament, we see repeated statements where God made himself visible through the appearance of Christ. For as with most viewers in looking at something requires an active passivity, in the case of Jesus, the real active energy is not in looking but in God revealing. Therein we see the Transfiguration, and after the resurrection even see Jesus walking through locked doors. In these accounts, we are providing illustrations of God as Lord of the material and physical world and to include the spiritual.

Now in the absence of Jesus we are the Vanguard, his ambassadors, his church. As his church, and many aspects we are the surrogate Jesus for those living today who wish to experience Jesus in the flesh. For in Jesus be alive today, he is alive not as an esoteric spirit alone but in the flesh through us.

As the spirit of Christ dwells in us, and as we manifests the fruits of the spirit in obedience to our Lord, thus, the world is able to witness the spirit of Christ through our actions. Naturally, our actions are the substance of the fruit either good or bad. Whereas Jesus was perfect, clearly his church is not yet we are commanded into obedience or at least in striving toward perfect obedience: the obedience exemplified through love.

This means that for the unbelievers if Jesus is to be alive today to them it must be personify through us as living examples. Outside of the examples all that is left are empty words. The words are to encourage action not to be left alone by themselves. The written word might be compared to fertile seeds. If the seeds are not planted, then eventually they fall to waste. However, in planting the seeds, we discover an exact clone of the parent. Such is the case with Jesus to the Christian. Jesus via God is the seed and Christians are those who plant for the harvest. In the absence of sowing, there is a famine of Christians.

Where then will the nonbeliever and believer alike witness the experience of Christ if not through us? This is all in the visibility and here the visibility is by virtue of Christ through our obedience to him in service to others. This is simple enough: The visibility and realness of God to others is nothing magical or surreal. It is by live action and interaction through our dynamics to others. In all of this, it makes the difference if God had ever made an appearance to the world. Outside of this,there are only empty words and only the patience, if any for the true visibility of God.


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