“Go Away from me Kid, you Bother Me.” W. C. Fields

Fields used to also say, “Anyone who hates children and animals can’t be all bad.

And I suppose many of us are like that. At least in the respect in the people department, no, we don’t like them and I guess it spills over to kids even and with today’s standards: we generally like animals more so than people.

In some respects we tend to love our neighbors more if we don’t live next door to them: A gated community is best, keeping the undesirables out.

And too, we can’t be at odds with our neighbors if we have no idea who they are: thus, we remain inside our air conditioning and video games and such. At any rate, we have no idea who lives among us.

How then can we love our neighbor as our self when we have no concept of our neighbors? Sure…everyone knows the motto: Out of Sight, out of Mind. It works for me.

Anyone can see my wake-up call here. For Christians I’m insisting that we must move out of our shell and meet and introduce ourselves and Jesus to those surrounding us. We must get off our comfort chairs and announce the gospel in person, face-to-face and love them as Jesus has commanded us to do.

And no, we haven’t earned any rights to distance ourselves from others. Retirement is NO excuse as retirement isn’t even mentioned in the bible. We are commanded to LOVE and love is in the doing and in the doing is the obedience. To that effect, W.C. Fields and those who join him are wrong and selfish and cruel.

We should not be inducing people to go away from us, but to come near, close to us and to know Jesus through us. Finally, it means one must like (love) people as a whole and to include their children. It also means there is no room for the belief systems such as W. C. Fields in the world of Jesus. He says to COME, not to go away.


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