God’s Not Asking: He’s not saying, “Please…”

As benevolent as God may be, I can’t recall a single instance where he asks anyone to do something. In fact, if my memory is correct, he commands.

Thus, loving your neighbor is not really a request. He is NOT asking. If we are to be his disciples, then we are expected to obey his command and actually do it and not in name only.

As a matter of fact, it comes across to me that God doesn’t ask because…well, because HE is God and not us. That means HE knows what He is doing and more or less, we don’t.

So then: in obedience we demonstrate trust, and love, and commitment and reverence and many other things simply by our performance in doing things. On the less aspect of this equation is that we illustrate our loyalty and passion for God to the world: which in the end, should attract them to do the same.

Yet, my principle point here is that God is not up on His throne as some Mr. Nice Guy barking out requests. In fact, His requests are not requests at all as these are COMMANDS.

The quest here would be to examine how much we follow through with His commands…Will we measure up in obedience, or will we fail?

This is NOT rocket science and an examination is binary: if we pass it will be either a simple yes or no. In the end; we will answer Jesus’ plea…Do we love Him?

And if we love Him then we will comply to what he has asked. Here, there is no neutral ground. Remember, His commands are not merely a request. As disciples it is a MUST DO!


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