Voices behind Bathroom Walls

Have you ever noticed the attention placed on messages scribbled on bathroom walls? Today even, here locally in Jacksonville, we have schools on lock-down and a red alert activated due to a bomb threat read off one of the bathrooms at a urban middle school.

With the alert comes shakedowns, metal detectors, bomb-sniffing dogs, many police,FBI, and it seems like the : Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Air Force and Swiss Border Patrol along with the Japanese Navy.

And of course, I exaggerate, but the point I am making here is that the danger and event is important, so thus, we pay attention to it.

Yet, as important as a bomb threat is to us, even more importantly is the Kingdom of God.

Imagine if we were to grant importance to Jesus the same as we do to earthy matters? Yes, I state that Jesus is more important to us than events around us: for faith has even greater power than the natural elements of the world.

Rather than treating Scriptures like toilet paper and bathroom graffiti as note of importance, God’s word should value MORE.

If anything should dress our laboratories, it should be endowed with Holy Statues, not obscenities nor mass threats to man.

We should not be witnessing distorted bodily images or random phone numbers to amuse, but engagements to the world as to the importance of God Almighty.

Truly, there should come a time when we can ignore trifles engraved in public commodities or other buildings we deem of consequence for Jesus is NOT a THREAT, but an opportune of Salvation. And it is salvation which possesses a far greater measurement of GOODNESS that rightfully belongs to our first alert mentality as with God we strive with eternity, forever. As Christians we avow that Christ holds the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven….for this we speak of as virtue.

Yet, today we attend to the lowly status of messages received in the toilet.

Our prayers should focus beyond sin and into the day when we receive freely messages not of threats, but the blessed message of Jesus as Lord forever.




There is nothing esoteric or mystical nor one requiring a guru or any form of wizardry in meeting Jesus. Whereas one might search their Scriptures and defining our Lord and Savior Jesus comes to reality and meeting face-to-face. That encounter is found on the streets of our society in the least of these…

Jesus is here and here and here.
One needn’t even come to their knees to locate Jesus and the least of these; they are our brothers and sisters, the least of these as represented by Jesus the son of the living God.

Is that you who extends her hand out? Is that you who feeds Jesus when he is hungry? When he is thirsty? Alone? Poor? Sick? In despair?

And the question grows… Who among you wants to meet, live and dwell with Jesus? Do we praise him for the way he comes and in the manner in which he appears: behold your brother and sister in Christ.